About WHS

Windsor House is a publicly funded democratic K-12 school located in North Vancouver, BC and administered by the Gulf Islands School District.

At Windsor House, learning is

  • Personalized — can happen any time, any place, at any pace
  • Self-determined — students take charge to ensure relevance and engagement
  • Constructivist — knowledge is created, not absorbed
  • Experiential — the emphasis is on learning by doing and discovery
  • Deep — higher-order thinking skills, not rote memorization
  • Intrinsically motivated — no rewards or grades
  • Technology-enriched — for knowledge, communication, exploration, expression, collaboration
  • E-Portfolio-based — self-reflection, teacher feedback and conferencing instead of report cards
  • Community-based — connected to the “real world” outside school walls
  • Holistic — focused on learners as whole people