Our official intake time is between October and January of each school year. Our intention is to complete our next year’s intake process in this time frame. We will occasionally offer info sessions outside of this official time as needed. However, outside of the official intake months, we may not have the available staffing resources to finish all of the necessary steps in time for the following school year’s start in September. We appreciate your patience as we try and get you and your family through the necessary steps.

There are three steps involved with becoming part of Windsor House (details below).

  1. Information Session: PLEASE RSVP to Jennifer
  2. Three Family Experience Days: To be booked after the information session
  3. Intake meeting and registration form completed

Information Sessions

An overview of what we do here, a tour of the facilities, information about current enrolment, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. We welcome any of the people involved in your child’s educational decisions to be part of this information session. While we do not have childcare for these events, we welcome little ones to accompany their parents.

Upcoming Information Sessions:

  • Monday, May 6, 4 pm at #260–975 Vernon Drive, Vancouver, B.C.

Experience Days

The purpose of the experience days is to give your family a better sense of the school, in order to help you determine if this is a good fit for the student. During experience days, you will participate in the school day just as other students and parents do. Experience days can be consecutive or scattered, and they are booked through the office after completing the information session.

Intake Meeting

The intake meeting is a family meeting with our principal, Meghan Carrico, to discuss any remaining questions about the school and community agreements about becoming a Windsor House family. This is booked upon completion of your family’s third experience day.

If you would like any additional information, please call 604-903-3366 or email Jennifer.