Twelfth Night at the Theatre

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In December students of all ages took part in a drama meeting to decide the next play. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night came out on top of the process with the greatest amount of support. The idea for this show came from Claire (new EA at WH) who had a vision to do it as a 1920s musical.

In January Windsor House started with rehearsals two days a week, and built up to 4 or 5 days a week.
At this point, rehearsals are coming along great. We will be doing a week-long rehearsal intensive during conference week to race toward opening night on Feb 28th.

During rehearsal, students of all ages (5-18) have been working hard to learn their lines (in Shakespearean English). Claire was set from the beginning on not changing the lines, while giving the show a contemporary feel with modern music, played in 1920s style.

Off stage, students have also been working hard to prepare props, costumes, hang lights and to set up the Theatre, which has been empty for several months.

Using a real theatre the past 7 weeks has been a huge success. The multi-age environment has reminded us all of the magic of Windsor House and has instantly become a favourite location for many of the students attending rehearsal. When not rehearsing, the theatre lobby has been the centre of activity with student doing math and socials classes with Kelley, Linda and Cheryl, colouring and reading with Brittany, card games and more. And of course, there have been many trips to the public market to get lunch.